Tesla registers insurance company at Giga Berlin’s address

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Tesla Insurance officially has a branch in Germany, located near Giga Berlin in Grünheide . The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority announced Tesla Insurance Limited (Germany Branch) in its April 2021 Journal. 

Tesla appointed Mr. Andrew Wright as the chief agent of its insurance arm in Germany. According to the Journal, Tesla’s Insurance branch in Germany will be allowed to operate in the circumstances and “Risk Type,” including accidents, fire, and natural hazards, hail, frost, and other property damages.  

According to a rough translation, Tesla Insurance operations will also include the following: 

  • Land vehicle comprehensive insurance (excluding rail vehicles)
  • Goods in transit
  • Liability for land vehicles with the own drive
  • (a) Motor vehicle liability
  • (b) Liability from land transport
  • (c) other
  • General Liability
  • Various financial losses
  • Legal Protection
  • Assistance services for the benefit of persons in trouble

In Q2 2020, Elon Musk and Zachary Kirkhorn stated that the company intended to expand Tesla Insurance. Last month, those plans seemed to be pushing forward with the company taking steps to introduce Tesla Insurance in other US states, including Texas, Illinois, and Washington.

Outside the United States, Tesla has already introduced its insurance program to China. The EV automakers have also taken steps to take Tesla Insurance to other European countries like England. 

Last week, Elon Musk shared that Tesla was building up its collision repair capabilities. He noted that Tesla Insurance would make collision repair transactions smoother for customers. Musk announced that Tesla would be bringing collision repairs in-house a few years ago. Since then, the company has started the buildout of integrated Tesla centers that handle sales and service to customers.

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Tesla registers insurance company at Giga Berlin’s address
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