Tesla expands insurance initiative outside U.S., looks to become full-service car company

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Tesla has successfully expanded its insurance service to China, as a brokerage dawning the electric automaker’s name and sharing the same address as the company’s Giga Shanghai production facility appeared on a Chinese government website.

Tesla Motors Hong Kong Ltd was registered in the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System of China website on August 6th, 2020. Tesla’s Global Vice President and head of Tesla China, Zhu Xiaotong, was named as the insurance brokerage’s legal representative, The Morning Tick reported.

The company has listed its principal capital of 50 million Chinese yuan, or $7.2 million.

The registration of the company moves toward Tesla’s ultimate goal to begin establishing an in-house insurance service for its vehicles that would aim to reduce expensive rates for its drivers. The advantage Tesla would hold would assist drivers in lowering their insurance costs because the company knows its own vehicles inside and out.

Tesla executives Elon Musk and Zachary Kirkhorn talked extensively about the company’s intentions to begin expanding the insurance side of the company during the Q2 Earnings Call.

(Credit: Tesla)

Kirkhorn talked extensively about the advantages Tesla has by offering its own service, specifically with the data that each vehicle captures. The data could be used to determine the probability of a driver being involved in an accident and would assess these characteristics when determining a proper premium for an individual.

Kirkhorn said:

“Ultimately, where we want to get to with Tesla Insurance is to be able to use the data that’s captured in the car, in the driving profile of the person in the car to be able to assess correlations and probabilities of a crash and be able then to assess a premium on a monthly basis for that customer.”

The advantage was only available to California drivers, however, because Tesla had not expanded the insurance service outside of its home state.

With the China-based insurance brokerage, Tesla will likely create an even more solidified presence in the country. Offering sustainable vehicles built within the country’s Giga Shanghai facility has been available since January, but insurance has only been accessible through third-party companies.

Tesla insurance has been available since late August 2019, when Tesla announced its in-house insurance service through a blog posting.

The company has also looked to expand the insurance initiative to other international markets based on job postings. Tesla is also looking to begin ramping a European insurance sector in London, England, and Brandenburg, Berlin, Germany, after attempting to hire Insurance Product Managers and Underwriters.

Tesla expands insurance initiative outside U.S., looks to become full-service car company
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