Tesla tops J.D. Power study for deepest emotional connection with buyers

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has topped J.D. Power’s 25th “APEAL” study, which tests how an owner emotionally connects with their new car.

APEAL stands for Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout, and ranks how owners feel when purchasing a car. Of course, owners are excited when buying something new, but emotionally connecting to a vehicle only occurs when the buyer is genuinely enthusiastic about their purchase. Tesla owners had the best emotional connection to their cars, according to J.D. Power.

The study tested over 87,000 people across 37 different areas. Some of the measurements include what the sense of luxury with their car is, and how an owner feels when accelerating, according to Road Show

Each automaker can score up to 1,000 points on the scale based on owner responses.

Tesla ranked the highest among luxury brands with 896 points, beating out Porsche, which received 881 points. Porsche has taken the top spot in the survey for 15 out of the last 16 years.

Dave Sargent, Vice President of Automotive Quality at J.D. Power, commented on Tesla’s victory during a call on Wednesday. “Their owners do express a high degree of satisfaction with their vehicles,” he said. “It’s largely driven by performance.”

It is no secret that Tesla owners feel an immense amount of brand loyalty. However, it is more interesting that car companies have attempted to adopt some of Tesla’s design concepts into their vehicles. Tesla cars utilize a minimalistic interior design that is comprised of a large, centralized dash screen where the driver can control every function of the vehicle.

Other car companies have attempted to use these large dash screens in place of traditional knobs and dials. However, Tesla remains the only company to use this design across its entire fleet.

Interestingly enough, Tesla was ranked in last place out of 32 automotive brands in a separate J.D. Power quality survey in late June. According to the study, the company’s cars had more issues per 100 vehicles than any other automaker.

However, Tesla’s build quality has significantly improved over time. A study from Bloomberg that was published in October 2019 showed that 5,000 owners of the Tesla Model 3 were particularly happy with the improvements in build quality. This included paint, body gaps, and poorly installed components.

However, the APEAL study showed that Tesla owners are continuing the tradition of being excited over their new electric automobiles.

Sargent said that a high ranking in the APEAL study tends to assist in an automaker’s sales by retaining customers. Owners are also more likely to recommend the vehicle they bought to others.


Tesla tops J.D. Power study for deepest emotional connection with buyers
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