Tesla launches advertising on X in the U.S., expanding ‘small scale’ strategy outlined by Musk

Credit: diagnosticdennis/Instagram and @smile__no via Tesla Owners of Santa Clarita Valley/X

Tesla has decided to launch a dedicated advertising campaign on X in the United States. It appears to be proof of an expansion of a “small scale” strategy that CEO Elon Musk outlined last year.

Tesla has been against advertising for a long time, and CEO Elon Musk has said that money spent on ads could be better used for things like R&D and product development. However, Tesla started doing some small advertising starting in 2023, but it has now expanded.

The first instance of Tesla using paid advertising was spotted on X early this morning:

Tesla has always done things in a relatively unorthodox manner. It does not operate a PR department, it has not used advertising to promote its vehicles, and it has relied on word of mouth to expand its growth as a company.

For years, it has done an excellent job of using these strategies to grow sales and deliveries. The real question is, what has changed in the minds of Musk and others that now is the time to start advertising?

Musk said late last year that Tesla would start doing some small advertising to see if it had any effect on things:

“I said we would advertise. We are doing so at small scale and will do so at larger scale as we figure what works best.”

Elon Musk shares Tesla’s advertising strategy

Tesla has been incredibly devoted to using anything to increase sales, including promotional campaigns like money off of a vehicle, free Supercharging, and other strategies.

Now it seems that it is taking a more traditional approach by trying to use ads to get more visibility on its vehicles.

Tesla has used advertising on other platforms as well. Below, there is an example of a sponsored post on YouTube:

After its first true advertising effort in May 2023, it seems Tesla’s advertising is now going to be a more concerted effort.


Tesla launches advertising on X in the U.S., expanding ‘small scale’ strategy outlined by Musk
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