Large Tesla Megapack fleet spotted at Lathrop Megafactory

Credit: Tesla Inc.

The Tesla Megafactory at Lathrop, California is playing a growing role in the company’s overall operations. This was highlighted in a recent drone flyover of the facility, which showed more than 330 Megapack batteries in the Megafactory’s holding lots. 

Tesla Energy is starting to take a larger role in the company’s overall operations. As noted by Tesla in its Q1 2024 Update Letter, Tesla energy generation and storage revenues were up 7% year-over-year and gross profit was up 140% YoY, driven by increased Megapack deployments. Elon Musk reiterated this point during the first quarter earnings call, with the CEO stating that Tesla Energy reached record profitability in Q1 2024. 

“The Tesla team did a great job executing in a tough environment and energy storage deployments of Megapack, in particular, reached an all-time high in Q1 leading to record profitability for the energy business. And that looks likely to continue to increase in the quarters and years ahead,” Musk said

Aerial footage taken of the Lathrop Megafactory on April 25, 2024, which as taken by longtime Tesla watcher Met God in Wilderness, suggests that the facility remains extremely busy this second quarter. Based on the video, it appeared that the facility’s holding lots were filled with 334 Megapack batteries. This is not a record number for the Lathrop site, but it is still substantial, with Tesla watchers previously estimating that such a number of batteries is worth about ~$500 million in revenue.

Tesla’s production ramp of the Megapack at Lathrop was discussed during the Q1 earnings call. As per Tesla executives, the ramp of the Megafactory is moving along as planned, and a second general assembly line is expected to enable the facility to increase its exit rate to 40 GWh per year at the end of 2025. 

“Lathrop is ramping as planned. We have our second GA line allowing us to increase our exit rate from 20 GWh per year to — at the start of this year to 40 GWh per year by the end of the year. That line is commissioned. There’s really nothing limiting the ramp. Given the longer sales cycles for these large projects, we typically have order visibility 12 to 24 months prior to ship dates. So, we’re able to plan the build plan several quarters in advance. So, this allows us to ramp the factory to align with the business and order growth,” Tesla executives noted. 

Watch a recent drone flyover of Tesla’s Lathrop Megafactory in the video below. 

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Large Tesla Megapack fleet spotted at Lathrop Megafactory
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