Tesla's evident paint shop improvements lie within Quicksilver from Giga Berlin 8

Tesla launches Quicksilver paint option for US Model Y inventory units

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Earlier this month, Tesla watchers observed that Giga Texas’ holding lots were being filled with Model Y units that were painted in Quicksilver, a color that was initially exclusive to Giga Berlin’s advanced paint shop. These Quicksilver Model Y units now seem to be available for purchase through Tesla’s Inventory page. 

A look at Tesla’s Inventory page for the Model Y shows that several vehicles in Quicksilver are currently available for purchase. So far, it appears that the Quicksilver Model Ys are offered only as Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) or Performance variants. The vehicles are also available with both the Model Y’s 19” Gemini Wheels or 20” Induction Wheels. Black and white interior options are available as well. 

Tesla’s Inventory page as of writing shows nine Quicksilver Model Y units that are available for purchase. The most affordable Quicksilver Model Y is a Long Range Dual Motor AWD with black interior that’s priced at $49,990 or $42,490 after the federal tax credit. That’s a pretty good deal for a Model Y, especially in the United States where Quicksilver is still a very rare color. 

Quicksilver has not been formally launched by Tesla in its order pages for the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y in the United States. However, the fact that a batch of inventory Model Y units painted in the unique color suggests that the new paint option would be rolled out fully soon. 

Giga Texas is not the only Tesla factory that is producing Quicksilver Model Y units. Giga Shanghai has also started rolling out Quicksilver Model Y units, and aerial footage at the Shanghai Southport Terminal suggests that the new option is quite popular among the countries that import vehicles from Gigafactory Shanghai as well. This was particularly evident in a late March flyover of the site, which showed a large fleet of Quicksilver Model Y units waiting to be exported abroad. 

When Tesla initially launched Quicksilver for the Giga Berlin-made Model Y, the company noted that the shade is made from highly-pigmented metallic paint that is designed to change depending on viewing angle and light. It was also the product of Giga Berlin’s advanced paint system, which allows up to 13 layers for depth, dimension, and a hand-painted look. 

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Tesla launches Quicksilver paint option for US Model Y inventory units
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