Tesla Megapack pilot project launches at Willowbrook Mall

(Credit: Tesla)

The Willowbrook Mall in North Jersey recently launched a Tesla Megapack pilot project. The Tesla energy storage system (ESS) is North Jersey’s first Megapack. 

The Willowbrook Mall, a Brookfield Property in Wayne, North Jersey, has a 1.2 kWh solar panel display that can be discharged during peak hours. The Tesla Megapack installation will store excess energy from the mall’s solar panels.

“[The Tesla Megapack will] provide additional reliability and flexibility to the energy supply at the property, allowing us to store excess solar energy for use at a later time, as needed,” noted Rhianne Menzies, Brookfield’s ESG Director. 

Menzies further explained that the solar panels installed at the mall made Willowbrook a good testing ground for Tesla ESS. As previously mentioned, the Tesla Megapack installed at Willowbrook Mall is part of a pilot program. According to Menzies, once the company has “gathered enough information to verify the pilot,” more Tesla Megapacks could be installed at the Willowbrook Mall. 

Last year, Tesla Megapack deployments reached its highest milestone, reaching 12 GWh of operating industrial storage at 99% availability. Tesla isn’t slowing down in 2024, either. 

Around 326 Megapack batteries were spotted in late January at the Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop. Tesla watchers estimated that the 326 Megapacks spotted at the Megafactory could be worth over $500 million.

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Tesla Megapack pilot project launches at Willowbrook Mall
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