Tesla Model 3 wins ‘Car of the Year’ award from prestigious UK auto magazine

The Tesla Model 3. (Credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Model 3 was given four separate awards, including “Car of the Year,” by a prestigious automotive magazine in the United Kingdom.

Among its recognition as “Car of the Year” by Parker’s Car Guides, the Model 3 was also named “Best Electric Car”, “Best Company Car”, and won the “Best Safety” Award for any vehicle on the market. Experts say they were impressed with the Model 3, stating it is “capable, likable, and extremely good to drive.”

The cost-effectiveness of the car in terms of range per £1 spent on power was a significant factor in why the vehicle scored so well with Parker’s editors. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus will travel 32 miles per £1 spent on charging, significantly more than any petrol-powered vehicle. Drivers of ICE engines are extremely lucky if they manage to drive 32 miles on a single gallon of gas. And as of October 21, the average price of a gallon of gas is $2.64, according to AAA.

Editor of Parker’s Car Guides, Keith Adams stated that “Although we’re a long way from the end of days for petrol and diesel, it’s good to know that the forward-thinking among us have a choice of some very talented alternatively-powered cars. The Tesla Model 3 isn’t just a good electric car. It is a good car full stop.”

Parker’s gives 22 different awards for various categories, including “Best Towing Car” and “Best Car for Thrill-Seekers.” But the Model 3 took home the most prestigious award of all, as it was recognized as the best car in the world by the firm’s experts.

Parker’s website states that “The Model 3’s clean-sheet approach not only achieves reduced emissions overall but also within its immediate environment. A new approach to interior design and interaction creates a relaxing environment, and genuinely usable autonomous driving modes take the human stress out of congestion and monotonous, constant-speed motorway driving.”

The most affordable Model 3 available for purchase through Tesla’s website is the Standard Range Plus. The car is available for $39,490, and features 250 miles of range on a single charge. The Silicon Valley-based automaker recently added 10 miles of range and $500 to the price. The car seems to be in high demand, as the company extended the delivery window for customers within the United States to 6-10 weeks.

The Model 3 was also awarded the “Best Company Car award” by Parker’s. The UK-based car magazine stated “Company car drivers can make significant savings by switching to an electric car, as zero-emission models attract no BIK next year.” The vehicle’s price, paired with the fact Tesla has an – network of Supercharger stations, were the reasons the Model 3 won the award.

Unfortunately for ICE manufacturers, the Model 3 was not done receiving awards. The car also managed to win the “Safest Car” award, as Parker’s stated that its impressive performance in crash tests and its development of Autopilot were more than enough to name the car as the safest on the road.

Tesla Model 3 wins ‘Car of the Year’ award from prestigious UK auto magazine
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