Tesla Model 3 AWD found to be least stolen vehicle in the US

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A report from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI) for 2022 revealed something quite interesting about vehicle thefts in the United States. Among the vehicles that were tracked by the HDLI, the Tesla Model 3 AWD was revealed to be the car that’s the least stolen in the US. 

The HDLI listed each vehicle that was included in its analysis with a relative claim frequency (RCF) score, which is based on how many individual cars are insured versus how many stolen claims were filed to the specific vehicle. As per the HDLI’s data, the Tesla Model 3 AWD is the vehicle with the lowest RCF score.


Credit: HDLI

A table summarizing the HDLI’s study shows that the Tesla Model 3 AWD has an RCF score of 3 with 3 claims. The Model 3 AWD was followed by the Model Y AWD, which was listed with an RCF score of 3 and 5 claims. Other Teslas also ranked in the HDLI’s least stolen vehicles list, such as the Tesla Model X AWD (RCF score of 8 with 2 claims), the Tesla Model 3 RWD (RCF score of 9 with 6 claims), and the Tesla Model S AWD (RCF score of 15 with 4 claims). 

On the other end of the spectrum is the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, which was listed with an RCF score of 6,128 and 196 claims. The Dodge Charger HEMI followed right behind with an RCF score of 2,197 and 712 claims. The Honda CR-V 4WD is also notable as it was listed with an RCF score of 409 and a rather extensive 1,141 claims. 

Credit: HDLI

The low RCF scores of Tesla’s electric vehicles may be due to a variety of factors, though one should note that the company’s electric vehicles are very difficult to steal to begin with. Every Tesla has the capability to connect to the internet, so tracing the vehicles is typically not an issue. Safety features such as PIN to Drive also make it difficult to operate a Tesla without the owner’s credentials. 

The difficulties of stealing a Tesla were highlighted in a story involving a Tesla Model S back in April 2019. The vehicle was part of a rental fleet in Canada, and it was rented out to a client who then proceeded to get the Model S shipped abroad. The all-electric sedan was retrieved during a layover in Italy in a dramatic rescue that involved the cooperation of INTERPOL and the Italian police. Throughout its journey, the owners of the Model S were able to trace the vehicle, even when it was at sea. 

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Tesla Model 3 AWD found to be least stolen vehicle in the US
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