Tesla Model 3 converts Global Warming denier to EVs: “Its been a hell of a ride”

The Tesla Model 3 is starting to spread like wildfire in the United States, and the vehicle is expected to enter the international markets in the next few months. Since its release, the Model 3 has been garnering praise from electric car enthusiasts and auto critics alike, to the point where even seasoned veterans in the auto field have given their approval based on the vehicle’s merits alone.

One such veteran is Henry Payne from The Detroit News. Payne is a true-blooded gearhead in every sense of the word, with experience as a racecar driver and a professional automotive critic. While speaking in a recent segment of Autoline TV on YouTube, Payne admitted that he is the farthest thing from being an environmentally-conscious car buyer. And yet, Payne stated that he has personally bought a Long Range Model 3 RWD in Obsidian Black. Describing his reasons behind his purchase of the vehicle, the auto journalist stated that he bought the car simply because no other vehicles on the road today are like it.

“It’s different, and that’s the point. It is so different than any car I’ve ever driven. And, I’m not a global warming believer, I’ve grown up at the racetrack, I’m not a greenie, but since driving the first Model S Tesla I got into two years ago, there’s nothing like these vehicles on the market. And there is also no other viable auto startup in my lifetime,” he said.  

Payne further stated that he has been very happy with his Model 3 purchase. Being a racecar driver, the auto veteran stated that he favors cars that are RWD, and in that sense, his Model 3 has not disappointed. Payne also stated that he has taken his electric car to the track multiple times, and it impressed him with its performance and quality so far.

“When Tesla got flooded with 400,000 orders in April 2016, I thought ‘I need to be part of this story.’ I want to see if this startup automaker can produce what’s promised at this kind of volume, and it has not disappointed. It is not only the car’s lived up to expectations, but it’s been a hell of a ride,” Payne said.

Payne did state that there are some drawbacks that he noticed about his Model 3. His car is the non-Performance variant, and thus, is not equipped with larger brakes like the Model 3 Performance. Apart from this, the automotive journalist also noted that the vehicle’s over-the-air updates, which are akin to those that his smartphone receives, changed some features that he has grown fond of. That said, Payne notes that he is very fond of the Model 3, and it has been well worth his wait.

To say that the stakes were high for Tesla when it launched the Model 3 is an understatement. Elon Musk himself dubbed the vehicle’s ramp as a “bet-the-company” situation, a project that could spell Tesla’s success or failure. Tesla’s painful ramp for the Model 3 has been well-documented, though things started to fall into place when the company finally hit its stride with the vehicle’s production in the latter parts of the third quarter.

Reviews of the Model 3 have been stellar. From the initial reviews of the Long Range RWD variants to the more recent Track Mode tests of the Performance version, the vehicle has garnered praise. As buyers like Henry Payne from The Detroit News indicate, the Tesla Model 3 does not just attract a lot of attention because it is a green car; it attracts a lot of interest simply because it is a great car — period.

Watch Henry Payne’s segment about his Tesla Model 3 in the video below.

Tesla Model 3 converts Global Warming denier to EVs: “Its been a hell of a ride”
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