Tesla Model 3 extends domination in Europe by topping Austria’s best-selling EV list

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The Tesla Model 3 can add another notch to its metaphorical belt after Austria listed the all-electric sedan as its most popular EV in April.

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In Austria, plug-in vehicle sales are up 17% this year, with around 4,400 registered plug-in electric vehicles. Austria has a history of being a BEV-friendly market, with all-electric cars making up 70% of all plug-in sales in the country. Plug-in hybrids are currently the fastest-growing type of car in the country, rising 119% year-over-year.

In March, the Model 3 was the best seller in Austria’s overall market. In April, Tesla delivered 227 vehicles, earning it the first place in the country’s EV rankings. So far, Tesla has sold 855 cars in Austria, despite the pandemic. The Model 3 currently accounts for 19% of all-electric vehicle sales in Austria, with its closest competitor being the Renault Zoe, which sold 93 units in April and 517 overall in 2020.

BMW managed to appear on the list three times with its X5 PHEV, i3, and 530e placing in third, fourth, and sixth, respectively. Meanwhile, the Volkswagen e-Golf managed to capture ninth place, with just seventeen total registrations in April. VW’s electric cars have been plagued with a variety of software issues that have delayed the release of the ID.3.

The Model 3 has become a worldwide favorite among new car buyers.  The car has emerged as the most popular electric vehicle in the United States and the second most popular in China. Even more impressive, the Model 3 is taking over markets that are importing the vehicles from the United States, which usually results in long wait times for reservation holders. One of these markets is South Korea, which reported a 660% surge in EV imports from January to April 2020 compared to the same time frame in 2019.

Tesla’s dominance in European markets is evident, as well. Switzerland and Austria both list the Model 3 as its most popular EV. In Germany, the Model 3 ranks as the country’s third most popular EV with over 3,400 registrations for the year. Tesla is poised to establish a European factory in Berlin, which recently received preliminary approval for foundation work. The factory is expected to be completed in July 2021 and will begin operations with the manufacturing of the Model Y.

Tesla Model 3 extends domination in Europe by topping Austria’s best-selling EV list
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