Tesla boosts Long Range Model 3 RWD to 325 miles per charge

Together with the release of the $35k Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range Plus variant, Tesla has also improved the range of the Long Range version of the electric car.

Tesla revealed that the Long Range Model 3 with rear-wheel drive, priced at $43,000 before incentives, will now have a range of 325 miles per charge, a nearly 5% improvement over the vehicle’s previous range of 310-mile range. This range boost brings it in line with the Long Range Tesla Model S (previously Model S 100D), which is capable of traveling 335 miles per single charge. 

In a blog post announcing the upgrade, Tesla revealed that the 335-mile range upgrade will be rolled out through a number of over-the-air firmware upgrades for both new and existing Model 3 owners. As such, owners who purchased a Long Range RWD should see their vehicles receive an extra 5% of range. 

This will likely be a notable perk for the Model 3’s first adopters, as the Long Range RWD was the only variant available for the vehicle during the initial months of the electric car’s production.

Due to the upcoming software updates, Tesla points out that the Model 3 Performance will now have a top speed of 162 mph. These firmware upgrades will also add an average of approximately 5% peak power to all Model 3 vehicles, including the Mid Range RWD variant introduced last October.

Elon Musk notes that Tesla was able to accomplish the Model 3 Performance’s top speed increase by raising the limit on the electric sedan’s motors.

“We’d electronically limited the Model 3 Performance to 155 mph. That was not a physical limit but an electronic limit. After a lot of testing, we now feel we can increase that limit by 10 km/h or 7 mph, and that just ends up being an rpm increase in the motors. The two motors just spin faster. I think they’re going somewhere along the lines of 19,000 rpm,” Musk said.

Tesla boosts Long Range Model 3 RWD to 325 miles per charge
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