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Tesla Model 3 dominates global EV sales for June as Model Y joins Top 20

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The Tesla Model 3 maintained the top spot on the Global Top 20 Electric Vehicle sales list in June, while the Model Y joined the list for the first time.

The Model 3 has remained the most popular electric vehicle for all of 2020, maintaining more than 15% of the total market share of battery-powered cars sold globally. With 35,854 units sold in June, Tesla’s most affordable vehicle outsold the second-place car, the Renault Zoe, by a considerable margin, selling more than three times the units of the French-based automaker’s most popular EV.

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The Model 3 has sold more than 142,300 units so far in 2020. Tesla’s affordable mass-market vehicle has dominated the Top 20 list for some time, and it is not much of a surprise. With the performance specifications of a high-end automobile and the price point of an affordable family sedan, the Model 3 is a perfect fit for any individual or family looking to join the Tesla revolution.

Tesla had several vehicles on the Top 20 list for June. Not only did the Model 3 lead the rankings, but the Model Y, Tesla’s newest car, also entered the list for the first time in the fourteenth spot. Deliveries of the Model Y’s Long Range and Performance variants began in March 2020.

The Model Y sold 7,500 units in June and has sold 12,415 thus far in 2020. Even though the car was released during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been one of Tesla’s most highly-anticipated vehicles to date because of its spacious interior, impressive performance specifications, and high-demand body style.

The Model Y is expected to be Tesla’s most popular vehicle to date, and the company’s executives have been vocal about the high expectations they hold for the all-electric crossover.

“Given the popularity of the SUV vehicle segment, we are planning for Model Y capacity to be at least equivalent to Model 3 capacity,” Tesla said in the Q4 2019 Earnings Update.

Additionally, the Tesla Model X also cracked the list in fifteenth place. Tesla’s notorious falcon-winged SUV sold 3,599 total units in June. The vehicle has been registered 12,461 times so far this year.

As a whole, the electric vehicle segment experienced a 22% drop in registrations in June. Although this sounds like a significant downfall, June’s 230,000 total unit registrations was the third-best result in the past eighteen months, according to the EV Sales Blog.

The automotive market collectively dropped 18% last month as well. Sales have fallen a total of 28% this year so far because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the drops in automotive sales, Tesla has still managed to turn a profit in both quarters this year. The electric automaker has also been consistently beating Wall Street estimates in terms of vehicle deliveries.

Tesla Model 3 dominates global EV sales for June as Model Y joins Top 20
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