Tesla Model 3 Highland owner’s manual confirms Auto Shift out of Park feature

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A look at the Tesla Model 3 Highland Owner’s Manual has revealed that the recently updated all-electric sedan includes several features that were previously exclusive to the Model S and Model X. One of these is Auto Shift out of Park. 

Similar to Autopilot, Auto Shift out of Park is a beta feature that is disabled by default. When enabled, the function allows the new Model 3 to use inputs from its various sensors to select Drive or Reverse automatically. Drivers would be able to see the system’s selected drive mode on the touchscreen when the driver’s door is closed and the seat belt is buckled. 

Drivers can confirm the new Model 3’s drive mode selection on the touchscreen. Auto Shift out of Park is overridden by pressing the brake pedal and shifting manually using the touch-based drive mode selector. 

Auto Shift out of Park may be a small feature for now, but it can provide a lot of convenience to owners of the new Model 3. The function also has a lot of potential, as prior to its rollout in the Model S and Model X, CEO Elon Musk has suggested that Tesla’s vehicles could eventually use their Autopilot cameras to determine which drive mode is appropriate. Auto Shift out of Park could then be considered the apparent first step towards a very ambitious function. 

Tesla Model 3 Highland manual gear selector is in a unique place

Just like the Model S and Model X, the new Model 3 is equipped with three gear selection options. Apart from a touchscreen based drive mode selector and Auto Shift out of Park, the Model 3 Highland is also equipped with a manual gear selector. Though unlike the Model S and Model X, whose manual gear selectors are in the center console, the new Model 3’s manual gear selector is on the overhead console. 

As noted in the Model 3 Highland Owner’s Manual, the manual shifter in the overhead console is typically not available unless the driver presses one of the buttons to activate it. When activated, the P, R, N, and D, buttons are illuminated. The manual gear selectors are designed to be used when the new Model 3’s touchscreen is unavailable or when the vehicle is in Valet or Transport Mode. 

There is a way to manually shift the new Model 3’s gears even if the touch-based gear selector is available. Tesla notes that drivers can activate the drive mode selector on the overhead console by simultaneously pressing both scroll wheels briefly. Drivers should make it a point not to hold the two scroll wheels when they are pressed, however, as it would result in the drive mode selector activating and the touchscreen restarting. 

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Tesla Model 3 Highland owner’s manual confirms Auto Shift out of Park feature
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