Tesla Model 3 Highland gets stellar first reviews

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The Tesla Model 3 Highland debuted last week to much excitement from the electric vehicle community. As professional reviewers got their hands on the newly released vehicle, one thing became evident: the Model 3 Highland makes a great car even more excellent. 

This became a theme as professional reviewers were able to take the vehicle for a test drive. Over the past days, a growing number of first reviews on the Model 3 Highland have been posted on YouTube and so far, the overall reception to the vehicle has been stellar. 

There’s a lot that could be highlighted in the new Model 3. Tesla took great effort into making it quieter and more comfortable compared to its previous iterations. This attention to detail is evident in changes that were made to the vehicle, such as a small update to the hood that reduces cabin noise and increases efficiency. 

The updated look of the Model 3, with its sharper headlights and new tail lights, has also been received warmly. Reviewers have noted that the vehicle has become a lot sleeker with its new changes, making the Model 3 look more assertive than before.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the vehicle that has garnered praise from reviewers is the Model 3’s interior, which has been completely redone. Tesla made several key changes to the Model 3 Highland’s interior, from its perforated seats that now cool and heat the front passengers, to its new steering column, which now features a stalkless driving system. 

Several reviewers have also commented on how the Model 3 Highland’s cabin has become a lot quieter compared to its previous iterations. This addresses one of the biggest areas for improvement in the previous generation Model 3, as the vehicle has been criticized in the past for having a cabin that gets quite noisy at high speeds. 

Reviewers seem to have reached a consensus on the new Tesla Model 3 so far. With the Highland update, Tesla has made an already stellar car even better. 

Here are some reviews of the new Tesla Model 3 that have been shared online. 

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Tesla Model 3 Highland gets stellar first reviews
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