Tesla new “family photo” bodes well for Cybertruck’s size

Credit: Tesla/X

A recent photo posted by Tesla’s official social media account on X, formerly known as Twitter, provided a pretty good hint at the production Cybertruck’s size relative to the company’s other vehicles. Based on the photo, it appears that customers would not need to worry about the Cybertruck being too small at all. 

The “family photo,” as Tesla dubbed it, featured all of the company’s existing vehicle lineup in one frame. All the vehicles that Tesla offers today are present, from the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, to the Tesla Semi and the Cybertruck. Only the original Tesla Roadster and the Roadster 2.0 are absent in the photo. 

The Cybertruck that was unveiled in late 2019 was a monster of a vehicle. Hulking, brutalist, and unashamedly different, the Cybertruck prototype was as polarizing as it was radical. Over the years, Tesla would refine the Cybertruck’s design, with executives such as CEO Elon Musk mentioning that the vehicle’s size had seen a slight reduction. 

These expectations were reiterated during Investor Day when EV community member and longtime TSLA investor Matthew Donegan-Ryan claimed that the Cybertruck’s size had been reduced by about 5%. Sightings of the vehicle’s later prototypes and release candidates would show the results of these changes, such as the removal of the center seat in front and rear seats that do not look as spacious as those in the 2019 Cybertruck prototype. 

This has led to concerns that the Cybertruck would be significantly smaller than expected. For a vehicle that’s designed to carry people and cargo alike, a lack of space would be a notable problem. But if Tesla’s recent “family photo” is anything to go by, it does appear that the Cybertruck is still a very large vehicle, especially in comparison to the Model 3 and Model Y. It’s also important to note that the Model 3 and Model Y are not necessarily tiny vehicles either. 

Tesla originally announced the Cybertruck with a seating capacity of six people. With its smaller size and considering the sightings of the vehicle on the road today, it does appear that the Cybertruck would only be able to accommodate five passengers at a time when it gets released to customers. The 2019 Cybertruck was also announced with a 6.5-foot bed and 100 cubic feet of storage. Updated sightings of the Cybertruck hint at changes to the bed’s materials, so it remains to be seen if the vehicle could maintain its initial storage specs. 

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Tesla new “family photo” bodes well for Cybertruck’s size
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