Tesla Model 3 keying suspect caught by Sentry Mode in police custody

Credit: Facebook/Alan Tweedie

Broomfield, Colorado — Police have in custody a woman who notoriously keyed a Tesla Model 3 on Saturday, September 29.

Maria Elena Gimeno, a 57-year old female, turned herself in to the Broomfield Police Department on Wednesday, October 2, after the vehicle’s Sentry Mode feature recorded her keying the electric sedan. Police noted that several anonymous tips were submitted throughout the course of the week and as footage from the Model 3 went viral. Gimeno was booked and kept at Broomfield Detention Center at around 10:30 PM GMT Wednesday night.

Police shared that after numerous tips from those who saw the video, they were able to narrow down their suspect to Gimeno. They announced her arrest in the morning on Thursday, October 3.

“UPDATE: We received hundreds of tips on the video of the woman caught keying a Tesla over the weekend. We identified the suspect, 57-year-old Maria Elena Gimeno, earlier this week. Last night she turned herself in & was booked on the charge of Criminal Mischief, a class 6 felony,” the Broomfield PD said in an announcement on Twitter.

Alan Tweedie, the owner of the Standard Range Tesla Model 3, shared the video of Gimeno keying his vehicle at Legacy High School on his personal Facebook page. “My car got vandalized at a soccer game at Legacy High School today, anyone know who this is?” he wrote. The clip amassed over 188,000 views and was shared throughout other social media outlets, such as Reddit and Twitter.

Gimeno unsuspectedly keyed the vehicle without knowing that Sentry Mode was active and recording her actions. Sentry Mode, rolled out initially by Tesla back in February, activates all of the vehicle’s on-board cameras when someone is close, records them, and saves them to a USB drive that is inside the car.

Tweedie told CBS4 News sometime last week that, “‘It really speaks to the level of anger for a crime like this that so many people are willing to spread it and share the word and try to help us find it because nobody likes this. This is my car but it could be yours next.” He has not made a public statement since Gimeno’s arrest.

Gimeno’s motive for the damage is unknown, but it is estimated that the keying will cost more than $2,000 to fix.

Tesla Model 3 keying suspect caught by Sentry Mode in police custody
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