Tesla Model 3 SR Plus sold out in UK for Q2 despite zero EV purchase incentives

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus has sold out in the United Kingdom (UK) weeks before the end of the second quarter.

Tesla’s inventory page in the UK shows that only Model 3 Long Range variants and Performance variants are available. The company’s UK configurator states that customers who order Model 3 vehicles in any trim now have an August estimated delivery date.

According to a Teslarati source, the Model 3 SR+ was already sold out on June 17, almost 2 weeks before the end of the quarter. The source suspects that Tesla under-estimated the Model 3’s demand in the UK for Q2 because incentives for electric vehicles dropped from £3,000 ($4,184.97) to £2,500 ($3,487.48) at the end of Q1, around March. The UK government also lowered the price cap for cars eligible for the subsidy from £50,000 ($69,749.55) to £35,000 ($48,824.68).

Research by Select Car Leasing shows that the UK has one of the lowest EV purchase grants in Europe, ranking number 14 in the study. Estonia has the highest EV purchase grant in Europe with £15,500 ($21,622.36). Germany comes in second with £7,750 ($10,811.18).

(Credit: Select Car Leasing)

With a price tag of £40,990 ($57,180.68), the Model 3 SR+ is not eligible for the UK’s plug-in grant.

The fact the Standard Range Plus is sold out in the UK indicates the strong demand for the Tesla Model 3 in the country even though it isn’t eligible for an incentive. The Tesla Model 3’s strong demand also hints that UK customers are warming up to electric vehicles or plug-in cars and may not need much encouragement to purchase them.

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Tesla Model 3 SR Plus sold out in UK for Q2 despite zero EV purchase incentives
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