Following months of relatively no-news surrounding upcoming features for Tesla’s Model 3, we received a tip that ‘Supercharger Credits’ may be making its way to reservation holders. It’s the first time we’re hearing of anything regarding Supercharger access, as it relates to the Model 3, since Elon Musk suggested that Supercharger access won’t be free for owners of its mass market sedan.

We’d have to preface this story by saying that the reveal does require some knowledge of HTML. Browsing to the ‘MyTesla’ page, made only available to existing Tesla owners and reservation holders, Model 3 depositors will see a new section called ‘Payment Method’ that has a Tesla-red ‘ADD CREDIT CARD’ button beside it. ‘Inspecting’ this section of HTML via ones browser will reveal a section of code referencing ‘Supercharger Credits’ which is commented-out. Commented code is generally a placeholder put in by developers for what’s to come, though they’re not ready to present it yet.


Uncommenting this code will reveal a new section titled ‘Supercharger Credits’ that’s directly beneath the add credit card button. One would presume that future Model 3 drivers will be given the option to purchase the amount of energy that can be drawn from its Supercharger network.

Though we have heard Tesla’s plans of offering Supercharging as an optional ‘package’ on the Model 3, this reveal may provide further insight on the company’s plans to alleviate Supercharger congestion by adopting a pay-per-use payment plan commonly found on other charging networks.


H/T TeslaPittsburgh