Tesla Model 3 wins over Sheriff’s Office after test drive, Model Y considered for future fleet

The Tesla Model 3 has caught the attention of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after officers in the department had the opportunity to test drive the all-electric mass-market sedan.

Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus said the decision to test drive the Model 3 was based on the Sheriff’s Office’s goal to become more environmentally conscious and cost-efficient, both easily attainable objectives with the help of electric vehicles. Kraus noted that his interest stemmed from news of law enforcement agencies adding Teslas to their lineup of patrol vehicles, such as the Fremont Police, and the Bargersville, Indiana police department. This prompted the Office to contact Tesla directly, who in turn gave them a Model 3 to use for the week.

Today, the Sheriff’s Office is test driving a Model 3* in hopes that we can add Tesla’s to our fleet. We have always…

Posted by Allegheny County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office has not yet come to a decision on whether they will invest in a Model 3 vehicle or not, and they do not have any timeframe for when that decision might be made. Part of the process has to do with how many Model 3 Performance sedans the Office will decide to purchase, as they currently utilize 65 Ford Police Interceptors for patrolling. While the 0 to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds and the 322 miles of range are appealing, Kraus stated there is currently no plan to replace all 65 of its current vehicles with electric cars but will take a “very serious look at putting energy efficient Model Y’s on the street.”

The electric vehicles are advantageous for police use because of their unmatched acceleration that would be beneficial in police chases, and their low maintenance costs. The Office’s calculations suggest that by adding Teslas to the police fleet, they could save the roughly $17,000 over a five-year period due to gas and maintenance savings. “We’ve had different deputies driving it and collecting information. We’re doing cost analysis and drivability,” Kraus added.

The Police Department in Bargersville, Indiana purchased a Tesla to save money so it could add more employees without costing local citizens more in taxes. Chief Todd Bertram stated the Model 3 they purchased to replace a Dodge Charger has saved more than $1,250 since its introduction.

Tesla Model 3 wins over Sheriff’s Office after test drive, Model Y considered for future fleet
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