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Tesla’s updated Model 3 could phase out wood trim

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Tesla could be looking to phase out the wood trim on its Model 3 sedan as part of its plan to update the mass-market sedan.

One of the most notable cosmetic features of the Model 3 interior is the large wood trim that spans across the entire front dash of the vehicle. For such a modern vehicle that is technologically superior to nearly every car on the market, the wood trim never felt like it truly fit (at least, in my opinion).

Coming standard with black interior options, rumors indicate Tesla could be looking to do away with it.

While unconfirmed by the automaker currently, there is some evidence to suggest that Tesla could be making the move.

When the first details of the Project Highland initiative were released, it was said that Tesla was planning to reduce the number of the vehicle’s components and simplify its interior. While adding wood paneling is not necessarily that complex, it does seem like Tesla could avoid purchasing additional parts by making both the white and black interiors somewhat similar, going for a material and look that is uniform to both color options.

Tesla will rumoredly go with ABS bonded foam non-woven fabric, which is higher density and may give the vehicle a more modern look.

Tesla ‘Project Highland’ Model 3 spotted on-road testing

While some reports indicate Tesla has already committed to the move, looks at potential Project Highland Model 3 candidates haven’t shed any light on the rumor. Even still, it would not be completely out of the question to see Tesla make the jump. The Model 3 has now been out for nearly six years, and an updated interior may be exactly what the vehicle needs to not only attract new buyers but also make some current drivers think about updating to a newer car, which would boost sales.

When Tesla updated the Model S and Model X nearly two years ago, the company focused more on tech while updating some interior features, most notably the addition of the Yoke steering wheel.

Those cars received refined infotainment systems and the introduction of the Plaid powertrain, which helped make the Model S and Model X into some of the fastest production vehicles on Earth.

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Tesla’s updated Model 3 could phase out wood trim
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