Tesla Model S road warrior passes 1.2 million miles in 10 years

Credit: Watt Energy/YouTube

Ten years ago, Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg purchased a second-hand Tesla Model S with 18,641 miles on its odometer. Since then, Gemmingen-Hornberg has driven his all-electric sedan consistently across several continents. And in a recent update on social media, the Tesla owner revealed that his Model S has now passed the 1.2 million mile mark. 

Gemmingen-Hornberg’s recent milestone was posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. As could be seen in his post, the Model S has now reached a very impressive 1,960,000 km (1,217,887 miles) on its odometer. This effectively makes Gemmingen-Hornberg’s Model S the highest mileage Tesla in the world today. 

The fact that Gemmingen-Hornberg started his journey with his Model S way back in 2014 is extremely impressive, especially if one were to consider the fact that electric vehicles were not as prevalent back then as they are today. The charging infrastructure in 2014 was also nowhere near as robust as it is today, so traveling long distances was not as simple. 

Despite this, Gemmingen-Hornberg has steadily established himself as the driver of the world’s highest-mileage Tesla. It should be noted that the Model S has received several battery and electric motor replacements over its 1.2 million-mile journey. As noted by Gemmingen-Hornberg during an interview with YouTube’s Watt Energy channel in November, his Model S is currently on its fourth battery and its 13th electric motor. 

Gemmingen-Hornberg noted that his Model S, being one of the first performance Teslas built with a large electric motor, tends to have issues with its drive unit. His recent electric motor seems to be holding up fairly well, however, and so is his vehicle’s battery. To be fair, Gemmingen-Hornberg is particularly careful with his Model S, as he closely monitors his charging sessions and drives very carefully. 

Quite unfortunately, Gemmingen-Hornberg’s accomplishments have not really gotten much attention from Tesla. In his conversation with the Watt Energy host, the Model S driver noted that Elon Musk did congratulate him on social media when his car passed the 1 million km mark, but it was 11 months after his vehicle achieved the milestone. Tesla was also silent when Gemmingen-Hornberg passed the record-setting 1 million mile mark

Gemmingen-Hornberg joked that Musk is probably not very interested in his accomplishment considering his Model S’ multiple battery and electric motor replacements. When the YouTube channel host joked that he might get a new car for driving 1.2 million miles, Gemmingen-Hornberg stated “We’ll have to look. He’s not so interested, but he heard of the 13 engines and he’s a special man who doesn’t like critique… So I think he has this little problem with me at the moment,” he said. 

The YouTube channel host’s joke about a free car is likely a reference to Volvo, which gifted a brand new 2022 Volvo S60 sedan to a driver who passed the million-mile barrier with his Volvo 740 GLE. It took 30 years for the Volvo 740 GLE to achieve the milestone, but it was extremely impressive nonetheless. 

Watch Gemmingen-Hornberg’s November 2023 interview with Watt Energy in the video below.

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Tesla Model S road warrior passes 1.2 million miles in 10 years
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