Tesla begins Model S deliveries in Japan with delivery event

Credit: Tesla Japan

Tesla has officially begun delivering the Model S in Japan, as seen in a photo shared by one of the automaker’s X accounts.

In a post on Saturday night, Tesla Japan posted on X that the Model S would finally begin delivering in the country, including a photo depicting a delivery day event for the vehicle. The news comes after Tesla announced plans to bring the Model S and Model X to Japan a few months ago, though onlookers noted that the vehicles would only be available as left-hand drive (LHD) versions in the country.

You can see the Model S and Model X on Tesla’s order configurator in Japan as of at least a few months ago. Although Japan is a right-hand drive (RHD) country, it does allow LHD vehicles on its roads. Tesla doesn’t currently produce the Model S or Model X as a RHD vehicle, as explained on the order configurator and translated from Japanese below.

“In order to sell the Model S around the world, Tesla will ship a left-hand drive model to Japan,” writes Tesla on the Japanese Model S order configurator. “Only the left-hand drive version is available for purchase at the design studio. There are no plans to produce a right-hand drive model.”

Tesla also writes that buyers of the Model S and Model X in Japan will receive three years of free unlimited Supercharging upon purchase.

As some users note in response to a post from Sawyer Merritt on the arrival of initial Model S deliveries in Japan, RHD luxury vehicles have historically been considered status symbols in the country. Whether that’s the case or not today is debated, though some predict that the lack of LHD versions of the vehicles could mean Tesla doesn’t sell very many Model S or X units due to sheer impracticality.

You can buy the entry-level Model S in Japan for ¥12,969,000 ($87,355), while the Model S Plaid sells at ¥15,969,000 ($107,562). The Tesla Model X SUV is available in the entry-level variant for ¥14,469,000 ($97,459), while the Model X Plaid is currently ¥16,669,000 ($112,277).

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Tesla begins Model S deliveries in Japan with delivery event
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