Tesla reportedly pauses Model S line to make way for updated headlights

Credit: Edmunds/Twitter

Tesla has reportedly paused the Model S line production at the Fremont Factory to work on some slight changes for the flagship full-sized sedan.

In December 2021, sightings on public roads hinted that a new Tesla Model S equipped with a new taillight design and revised charging door may be coming soon. By January 2022, more evidence emerged that Tesla would introduce subtle changes to the Model S. During an event that featured both the Model S Plaid and a seven-seater Model X Plaid in Taiwan, a few snapshots of Tesla’s flagship sedan were shared online, and netizens pointed out the vehicle’s revamped headlights and taillights. 

A red Model S with manufacturer plates and updated taillights was also sighted earlier this month in California.

Recently, Tesla Motor Club (TMC) member jebinc reported that Tesla officially stopped its Model S factory lines in the United States for a “refresh changeover.” The forum member stated that all VINs assigned to Model S Long Range vehicles from this point onward will belong to vehicles featuring matrix headlights and taillights

Tesla will reportedly restart refresh Model S Long Range deliveries within days or weeks, depending on when the Fremont Factory’s lines resume operations. It seems that Model S Plaid reservations may receive the new features later due to existing inventory. “If you order a new [Plaid], it is very likely you will get matched an existing car,” said the TMC member.

(Credit: Tesla Motors Club)

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Tesla reportedly pauses Model S line to make way for updated headlights
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