Tesla Model S still running with original battery and motors at 430,000 miles

Credit: AutoTrader/YouTube

A Tesla Model S 90D from Chesterfield, UK, was recently featured in an AutoTrader segment for its remarkable story. Bought in 2016, the premium all-electric sedan has been used as an airport taxi for years. But despite its years of extensive use, the Model S 90D has managed to keep its original battery pack and electric motors — even after a whopping 430,000 miles on the odometer. 

As noted by Paul Curzon, the Model S’ owner and operator of Eco Executive Travel, there were only a few hundred Teslas and a few Supercharger stations in the country when he bought the car. Since then, the all-electric sedan has lost about 65 miles of range, which seems quite manageable considering the fact that the distance it has traveled to date is almost equivalent to a trip to the moon and back. 

Curzon’s high-mileage Model S 90D has free unlimited Supercharging for the lifetime of the vehicle, which the fleet owner estimates probably saves him about £7,000 to £10,000 ($8,942 to $12,700) per year. Interestingly enough, the Model S owner noted that the all-electric sedan has been constantly been charged to 100% at Supercharger stations practically every day, but so far, its battery has been quite durable. 

“This car has never actually physically had a service. It’s still on the original fluids. It has to be MOTed every six months, and anything that looks like it’s wearing out or about to go, you replace. So it’s preventative maintenance on that form,” Curzon stated. 

While there are other high-mileage Teslas around the world — the highest is a 2014 Tesla Model S with 1.2 million miles as of late February 2024 — Curzon’s Model S 90D is quite unique in the way that it is still running with its original battery pack and electric motors. For context, the 1.2 million mile 2014 Tesla Model S is running on its fourth battery pack and its 13th electric motor. The difference between these high-mileage Teslas likely highlights the improvements that the electric vehicle maker has rolled out to the Model S over the years. 

Watch AutoTrader’s segment on the 430,000-mile Tesla Model S in the video below. 

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Tesla Model S still running with original battery and motors at 430,000 miles
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