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Tesla Model S Plaid faces its toughest drag race opponent yet

Credit: DragTimes, Youtube

A Tesla Model S has taken on a highly modified Audi R8, producing nearly 1,400 horsepower, in one of the closest drag races yet.

Thanks to its incredible off-the-line speed, the Tesla Model S, specifically the Model S Plaid, has become an icon within the drag racing world. Not only does the Tesla easily crush essentially every sedan available on the market today, but it takes some of the most expensive one-of-one hypercars to come even close. That situation was displayed earlier this week when a Tesla Model S Plaid took on a highly modified Audi R8.

The video posted by DragTimes on Youtube shows just how potent a near-stock Tesla Model S plaid can be on the drag strip.

While, disappointingly, the Model S Plaid could not beat the nearly quarter million dollar drag-prepped highly modified racecar, Tesla fans can rest assured that as the video progresses, Tesla’s flagship vehicle still takes some wins. Most notably, the Tesla crushes a Ferrari 812 Superfast by over a second.

Tesla’s incredible success at the drag strip and other race environments is great news for enthusiasts and an excellent indicator for the automaker to continue providing high-performance offerings. The Model S and Model X will likely never be top sellers, nor would the upcoming Roadster. Still, they can continue to be engineering samples, showing just how capable the EV leader has become.

Looking to the future, many Tesla fans and drag strip enthusiasts alike would love to see Tesla introduce a new lineup of high-performance offerings. And with increasing competition from the likes of Lucid, Porsche, and even hypercar makers like Rimac, the leading EV maker will likely need to if it hopes to continue to hold its drag racing crown.

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Tesla Model S Plaid faces its toughest drag race opponent yet
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