Tesla starts shipping Model S Plaid with new Sport Seats

Tesla has started shipping the Model S Plaid flagship sedan with newly-redesigned Sport seats.

The Model S Plaid has been available for customers for a few years now, and while it is a mainstay in Tesla’s lineup, its look and feel are not quite old or outdated enough to justify a complete redesign.

However, Tesla has a knack for updating certain things within the vehicle, especially interior options, including steering wheels or a simplified interior altogether, as it did with the Model 3 “Highland.”

It has done this with the Model S Plaid, the premier version of its flagship sedan.

After leaked images of a newly designed Model S Plaid seat appeared last October, it was clear that Tesla had some plans to update the seats for a new look and advantages that would fit the high-performance EV.

Tesla Model S Plaid’s new Sport Seats leak

Tesla has brought some new features with these Sport Seats:

  • Track-inspired bolstering that provides lateral support
  • Suede bolsters for increased grip, exclusive Plaid composite design in the backrest
  • Same comfort and 12-way power adjust, heating, and ventilation as original Model S Plaid seats

For what it is worth, the seats appear to be similar to the ones that leaked in the images in October.

However, the leaked images showed some minor quality issues with loose paneling, so we’re hopeful they have refined this with the units it will ship:

Credit: u/s3pirion on r/TeslaMotors

Tesla launched the new Sport Seats in the Plaid Model S in both the North American and Chinese markets this evening. All Model S Plaid vehicles built from April 1, 2024, and beyond will now come standard with these seats, so there is no additional upcharge for them.

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Tesla starts shipping Model S Plaid with new Sport Seats
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