Tesla Model S high-speed police cruisers deployed in Luxembourg

[Credit: Christophe Olinger/Luxemburger Wort]

Finally, after a long wait, Luxembourg’s Tesla Model S high-speed police cruisers have been deployed to the field.

News of the police cruisers’ deployment was reported by local news site Luxemburger Wort, which noted that the two electric vehicles have been in service as of Thursday last week. Just like any other ICE cruiser, the all-electric vehicles — designated with numbers AA 5242 and AA 5243 — conduct regular patrols across the state.

The high-speed all-electric police cruisers are currently driven by a few, specially-trained police officers. Over the past few days, eight officers were trained on how to utilize the Model S as a quick-response emergency vehicle. The initial eight who were trained for the electric car will be tasked to teach their colleagues later on, where they are expected to cover the Model S’ capabilities and functions.

The two Tesla Model S police cruisers are part of a program from Luxembourg’s Ministry of Sustainable Development, with the electric pursuit vehicles initially set to be released after autumn last year. Last January, however, reports emerged that the rollout of the Model S police cars will be delayed due to problems with the vehicles’ setup.

As we noted in an earlier report, the blue emergency lights of one of the cruisers failed the technical specification standards of the Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV), a German company that conducts certification services. Based on last week’s news report, however, it appears that the Model S cruisers have successfully passed the TÜV’s standards.

Luxembourg’s decision to utilize the Tesla Model S as a high-speed pursuit vehicle is quite similar to the Swiss Police’ decision to replace its fleet of diesel cruisers with the Model X. According to the Basel-Stadt police department in its announcement, the Model X electric SUVs are cleaner, cheaper to maintain, and faster than their diesel fleet. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was ultimately impressed with the Swiss Police’s decision, even joking that the “bad guys will definitely not escape.”

Tesla’s electric cars have also been used by law enforcement in the United States. Back in 2015, the LAPD announced that it would be adding a Tesla Model S to its fleet as part of a test to determine if the electric cars can be used for regular police work. While the vehicles met the police’s requirements for speed, performance, and range, the car suffered from a steep price tag. The Denver PD also unveiled its own Model S police car, though the vehicle did not see any action at all, as it was used primarily for community outreach events.

Tesla Model S high-speed police cruisers deployed in Luxembourg
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