Elon Musk Confirms Upcoming Valet Mode and Map Improvements

At the recent TESLIVE event held by the passionate and influential Tesla community at Tesla Motors Club, Elon Musk hints to a room full of Tesla fans, many of which were early adopters of the Roadster and Model S, about at an upcoming Model S software upgrade which will contain the long awaited valet mode and many other sought after features.

Tesla Model S Software Upgrade (late 2013)

  • Valet mode limit top speed (already available internally at Tesla Motors and slated for an upcoming public release)
  • North up for maps
  • Pre-cache of map tiles for a smoother map scrolling experience
  • High-speed internet connectivity.  Ability to tether to LTE devices with support for Wi-fi.
    • Accident Detection – turn off radio, horn and anciallary power drainers in order to preserve the 12 volt battery when an accident occurs.  Emergency parking brake would be automatically engaged.  Vehicle would be automatically be placed in tow mode.

Wonderful event guys!  We can’t wait to see everyone at TESLIVE 2014!!!

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