Tesla Model X ruins fun at Dodge sponsored drag racing event in Michigan

Showing up at a party is one thing when you’re a welcomed guest but one video that surfaced from yesterday’s Dodge sponsored ‘Roadkill Nights’ event in Pontiac, Michigan – an annual event that draws 30,000 fans of gas-spewing and tire-screeching Detroit muscle – had us laughing due to one, arguably unwanted, special guest – a Tesla Model X.

One brave soul shows up in his Model X P90D to ruin the fun by flexing its battery-powered muscle when pitted against rival Chevy Camaro in a heads up drag race. Also making an appearance was a Tesla Model S having some fun with a modern day Corvette.

Gearhead Ron Lee, 50, who was in attendance tells the Detroit News, “It used to be mostly classic cars, but there’s a lot more modern muscle now, I’m torn about it because I like the old ones, but the new ones are phenomenal. I’m okay with more modern cars being around.”

Its unknown whether any of the Teslas present were equipped with Ludicrous, but regardless it’s always fun to watch unsuspecting rivals take in the hard lesson of never racing a Tesla, or if you do, ask for a head start.

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