Tesla strikes supply deal with Igarashi Motors for Falcon Wing door parts

Source: Teslarati

Tesla will soon have another international company among its suppliers as Igarashi Motors India joins the ranks.

The India-based company  announced in a conference call that it would be supplying Tesla with components of its vehicles through a vendor.

“I am very happy to inform that Igarashi… will be delivering motors for three types of… requirements of the Tesla platform,” P Mukund, the managing director of Igarashi Motors India Ltd., said in the conference call.

The company reportedly will be providing motors for Tesla’s iconic Model X Falcon Wing doors, as well as door lever retractors and motors for steering tilt and column adjustment, according to Bloomberg Quint.

It is unclear who the vendor is as of the time of this reporting.

Igarashi shares rose 11 percent Tuesday after the news.

Igarashi Motors India is a part of the international Igarashi network. Igarashi started in early 1992 as a joint venture between Crompton Greaves Limited,  Igarashi Electric works Ltd (IEWL) and the International Components Corporation.

Aside from India, the company has locations in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Germany and Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.

The company is most known for its DC motors. The motors come in 9 models as per the company’s website.

The Tesla deal is just the latest for Igarashi, which also has ramped up its work with Bosch.

Bosch, which previously announced it was developing a $1.1B semiconductor plant for autonomous cars, is well-known as a manufacturer of braking systems and combustion engines, as well as software development. The company is now investing in newer technologies to adapt to the ever-changing way people approach driving.

Igarashi and Bosch will likely work together on automation as that is the crux of Bosch’s work right now, and Mukund alluded to that being what drew the companies together.

With Igarashi on board, Tesla continues to grow its international network of suppliers while sourcing materials from around the globe to craft its vehicles.

Tesla strikes supply deal with Igarashi Motors for Falcon Wing door parts
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