Tesla fan’s simple Model Y ad gains approval from Wall Street TSLA bull

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla bull and Wall Street veteran Gary Black recently gave a nod of approval towards a rather simple and succinct advertisement for the Model Y crossover. Black is among a group of Tesla bulls who are currently urging the EV maker to adopt advertising strategies instead of its current aggressive pricing initiatives. 

Tesla uses marketing strategies, especially in social media, to great effect. The company, however, has staunchly refused to adopt conventional advertising methods. But as Tesla aims to deliver more and more vehicles in the coming months and years, it is no surprise that some Tesla fans have decided to try their hand at creating ads for the EV maker themselves. 

One of these was a short video ad for the Tesla Model Y. The ad, which was posted on Twitter by Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt, listed several key aspects of the all-electric crossover, such as its price parity with several ubiquitous vehicles. It also highlighted a number of selling points for the Model Y, such as its stellar safety ratings and its designation as one of the most American cars in the country. 

Black, for his part, noted that if Elon Musk could be persuaded to try some basic Tesla advertising, the company would probably be shocked by the response from non-EV consumers. The Wall Street veteran also suggested that Tesla should probably tap into the community for advertisements, as it would benefit Tesla and generate a ton of positive PR. 

Interestingly enough, Tesla has rolled out such a program in the past. Dubbed “Project Loveday,” the initiative involved Tesla owners and fans submitting advertisements for the company’s electric vehicles. At the end of its run, Project Loveday was won by YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, whose ad adopted a fun and informational tone. Considering that Tesla is looking to sell 20 million vehicles by the end of the decade, then perhaps Black and other TSLA bulls have a point. 

Perhaps it’s time for Project Loveday Part Deux.

Here’s MKBHD’s winning Project Loveday entry.

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Tesla fan’s simple Model Y ad gains approval from Wall Street TSLA bull
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