Tesla Model Y makes it to Consumer Reports’ Best Cars of 2024 list

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Consumer Reports (CR) has released its Best Cars of 2024 list. Among them is the Tesla Model Y, which the organization noted is simply the best electric vehicle in the market today. 

As noted by CR, new car shoppers actually have a lot of options this 2024, with over 260 models to choose from. Consumer Reports has thus taken it upon itself to recommend vehicles that it believes offer the best in on-road performance, predicted reliability, satisfaction, and safety. 

Jake Fisher, senior director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center, noted that the organization’s picks span different price points and categories. “We picked the best models in a variety of price points and categories to provide smart choices for car shoppers,” he said. And as per Consumer Reports, when it comes to EVs, the Model Y stands tall. 

“The Tesla Model Y is the best electric vehicle on the market today. While it has a lot of the same benefits over other electric cars, like quick acceleration, the Model Y shines with responsive steering, frequent over-the-air updates, and access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger Network, eliminating range anxiety for longer trips,” Consumer Reports noted

“It’s the sweet spot of the EVs. They’ve been around long enough that they’re not a brand-new car company anymore. So they’re working out making sure the doors can close and stuff like that. But they’re also quite the veterans when it comes to electric powertrains, so it’s kind of a sweet spot. And throw on to that fact that the Supercharger Network is just not even close to the experience that anyone else would have with another EV, at least for now,” Fisher said.

While the Tesla Model Y was the star EV of Consumer Reports’ Best Cars of 2024 list, the all-electric crossover’s sibling, the Model 3, made it to CR’s Best Cars of 2023 list. The Model 3 that earned accolades from Consumer Reports was the vehicle’s previous iteration, however, so it would be interesting to see how the upgraded Model 3 performs in CR’s tests. 

Other standouts in Consumer Reports’ Best Cars of 2024 list include the Toyota Rav4 Prime, whose plug-in hybrid powertrain boasts 42 miles of electric-only driving range. As per CR, the Rav4 Prime plug-in hybrid offers a smoother and faster ride than the standard, combustion-only Rav4. It also has a quieter cabin, making it a compelling choice for buyers that prioritize comfort.

Watch Consumer Reports’ videos on its Best Cars of 2024 list below. 

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Tesla Model Y makes it to Consumer Reports’ Best Cars of 2024 list
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