Tesla Model Y drag races Model X “Raven”, and Model 3 in 1/4-mile test

Credit: YouTube | Brian Jenkins of i1Tesla

A Tesla Model Y Performance drag raced a Model 3 Performance and Model X Performance Raven in a test to determine how the newest all-electric crossover from Tesla stacked up against its siblings.

Brian Jenkins from YouTube channel i1Tesla took his Model X Raven, a Model 3 Performance, and his brand new Model Y Performance to the NCCAR drag strip in Northampton County, North Carolina, for a quarter-mile test between the three vehicles. Jenkins planned to measure the Model Y against both the Model 3 and Model X during separate runs, predicting that the Model X Performance with 100 kWh battery pack would stand as king of the hill.

The first race paired the Model Y Performance up against the Model 3 Performance. While the Model 3 won the race easily, the Model Y held its own. The all-electric crossover recorded a quarter-mile time of 12.04 seconds, just over four-tenths of a second behind the Model 3 Performance’s time of 11.63 seconds, with the Model Y reaching 113.05 MPH, while the Model 3 maxed out at 114.05 MPH.

The next run between the Model X and Model Y showed the new crossover’s speed against the most powerful vehicle of the three tested. The Model X Raven pushed an 11.28-second lap at 119.27 MPH, making it easily the fastest and most powerful car on the strip during this testing session.

While the Model Y was the slowest of the three, Jenkins was still impressed with its performance and has a theory on why the vehicle is not as fast as it could be. “I think that is software,” he said. “I think they’re doing that to protect it because it is so early on. There will be a software update to make it launch like the Model 3.”

A comparison of the three vehicles shows how they differ and what each car offers in performance.

  • Tesla Model Y Performance
    • 75 kWh Battery Pack
    • 450 Horsepower
    • Advertised 0-60 MPH in 3.5 Seconds
    • 155 MPH top speed
    • 280-mile EPA estimated range
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance
    • 75 kWh Battery Pack
    • 450 Horsepower
    • Advertised 0-60 MPH in 3.2 Seconds
    • 162 MPH top speed
    • 322-mile EPA estimated range
  • Tesla Model X Performance “Raven”
    • 100 kWh Battery Pack
    • 762 Horsepower
    • Advertised 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds
    • 163 MPH top speed
    • 305-mile EPA estimated range

Tesla started deliveries of the Model Y in mid-March, and the company has made arrangements through a new “contactless delivery” system to ensure those who have ordered can still get their hands on the latest Tesla vehicle.

Watch Brian from i1Tesla’s video on the quarter-mile race of the Model X “Raven,” Model Y Performance, and Model 3 Performance below.

Tesla Model Y drag races Model X “Raven”, and Model 3 in 1/4-mile test
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