Tesla Model Y leads Germany’s EV sales, overall dominance still contested

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The Tesla Model Y is officially the best-selling electric vehicle in Germany yet again; however, overall car market dominance remains contested.

The Tesla Model Y has been a world beater since it hit European shores, consistently achieving top sales spots across the continent. In fact, the Model Y was so good it even ousted the ever-popular Tesla Model 3, despite its higher price tag. Now, the Model Y’s dominance seems to be on track to continue, taking the top EV sales spot in Europe’s largest market, Germany.

According to the KBA, the German government agency tasked with tracking vehicle registrations, the Tesla Model Y was by far the most popular pure electric vehicle sold in the country during March. The American automaker sold 5,701 units, growing sales by 28% year over year. The Model Y toppled some gas-vehicle segment leaders like the Fiat 500, Opel Corsa, and Mercedes C-Class.

However, it wasn’t all good news for Tesla. Despite being the top-sold vehicle in Germany at one point last year, it has not been able to replicate that success. In March, Volkswagen secured all of the top three vehicle sales slots. Germany’s most sold vehicle overall was the VW T-Roc, followed by the VW Golf and Tiguan.

The KBA did not release a complete list of model-specific sales, meaning it remains unclear how many other Tesla models were sold during the third month of the year. However, as noted in the KBA’s automaker report from earlier this month, Tesla’s other sales appear to be minor compared to the number of Model Ys sold, as the brand sold just over 8,000 vehicles total, indicating that more than half of its sales can be attributed to its smaller SUV offering.

Outside of Germany, Tesla and its Model Y are making more substantial gains, and they are doing so while dominating the competition even more consistently. Most notably, the Model Y continues to be a top seller, particularly in terms of EVs, in the top 2 markets in the world, the United States and China. And with a new, even cheaper Model Y option now becoming available, the EV leader seems poised to double down on its success.

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Tesla Model Y leads Germany’s EV sales, overall dominance still contested
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