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Tesla continues to make massive sales gains in Germany


The German government has released sales data for March, showing that Tesla continues progressing in Europe’s largest economy.

While Norway has exemplified the EV transition in Europe, Germany has generally become a better indicator of the average interest in electric vehicles on the continent. Hence, as interest in EVs has gradually built in Germany, a similar movement has been seen in Europe at large. Leading this push in the European car market has been Tesla, and today, the German government has released its sales stats for March, showing the American automaker remains on track to grow its European marketshare.

According to the KBA, the German government agency tasked with tracking vehicle registrations, Tesla sold 8,703 vehicles during the month of March, an increase of just 8.2% compared to March 2022, but was part of a much more significant 43.4% jump compared to the first quarter of last year.

Tesla’s positive sales movement was part of broader market growth, likely motivated by the end of the quarter. Germany’s car market blossomed by 16.6% YoY.

Following Tesla’s success, EV sales were up by 28%, a dramatic rebound from February which saw an unusual decline in EV sales. Other brands that were likely aided by the growth in EV sales include Polestar, which saw its sales grow by 32.4% compared to March of last year.

The overall leader in the German market remains Volkswagen, which sold a remarkable 49,894 vehicles during March, a 29.5% increase in sales compared to March ’22 and a 12.9% increase in sales compared to Q1 ’22.

The KBA has not released model-specific sales data for March or the first quarter of the year, but many expect the Tesla Model Y to again take the top spot as Germany’s favorite vehicle.

As the deadline for the end of ICE sales looms closer in Europe, there is no wonder why consumers are beginning to flock toward EV offerings. With Tesla’s current market position, they are likely to benefit greatly, largely thanks to its current production capabilities. Luckily, alongside this growth in demand, Tesla continues to expand its operations at the Giga Berlin facility, making it easier and cheaper than ever for the automaker to sell within Europe.

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Tesla continues to make massive sales gains in Germany
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