Tesla Model Y, Just Kidding?

Questions are being raised about why a tweet posted last Friday by Elon Musk has been erased. Elon dropped a bombshell when he responded to a tweet with hints that a Model Y may be in the works, and it may have falcon wing doors. The inference was that it could be a smaller SUV presumably because falcon wing doors would be more appropriate to a crossover SUV than a compact Model 3.

Model Y tweet

That tweet has since disappeared from Elon’s Twitter account. Why? No one knows.

The most logical explanation is that Elon let the cat out of the bag too soon. Despite a healthy backlog of Model X reservations, it’s widely known that Tesla has been experiencing delays on production. It wasn’t until yesterday that Tesla announced it has begun delivery of the Model X in North America.

Any talks of a Model Y could derail Tesla’s current focus on delivering Model X to eager reservation holders. Elon will need to get the house in order before promising even more developments that may or may not come to fruition for years to come.

Elon seems to be fixated on making the full Tesla lineup (not counting the Roadster) be S-3-X-Y. But if there is to be a Model Y, it is likely far off, and possibly sometime in the next decade.



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