Tesla Model Y and Model 3 receive fresh price cuts in the US

Credit: Tesla Asia/Twitter

Tesla seems determined to push as many Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover sales in the United States this fourth quarter. As per updates on Tesla’s official order pages for its two best-selling all-electric vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y have received a fresh batch of price cuts.

The Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), the all-electric sedan’s most affordable variant in the US, now starts at $38,990. The variant was previously priced at $40,240 before options. The Model 3 Long Range, which used to be priced at $47,240, has been adjusted to $45,990.

The Model 3 Performance, arguably Tesla’s most fun vehicle due to its Track mode and nimble handling, now starts at just $50,990. The Model 3 Performance was previously priced at $53,240. That’s quite a steal for a vehicle that features a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds, a top speed of 162 mph, and a range of 315 miles per charge.

On the Model Y’s side, Tesla opted to adjust the prices of the all-electric crossover’s mid-tier and top-tier variants. With the recent price cuts in effect, the Model Y Long Range now starts at $48,490. The vehicle was previously listed with a starting price of $50,490. The Model Y Performance, on the other hand, now starts at $52,490, down from $54,490 before options.

The Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), the vehicle’s entry-level variant, has so far retained its starting price of $43,990 before options.

The recent round of price cuts would make the Model 3 and Model Y even more compelling for consumers in the United States this fourth quarter. This might very well be the case considering that the Model 3 and Model Y both qualify for the Inflation Reduction Act’s $7,500 federal tax credit for eligible buyers. In states like Colorado, other incentives could push the prices of the two all-electric best-sellers down further.

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Tesla Model Y and Model 3 receive fresh price cuts in the US
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