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Tesla Model Y sales surge in Germany as it remains the country’s favorite EV

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The Tesla Model Y remains Germany’s favorite EV, according to data released by the KBA today.

While the Tesla Model 3 was the vehicle that redefined the Tesla brand thanks to its affordability, the Tesla Model Y has quickly surpassed its popularity. Now, the Model Y is often the most popular EV sold in many significant markets, including in Germany, where it has recently taken back its crown as the top EV from the Model 3.

According to the KBA, the German agency that tracks car registrations, the Tesla Model Y was the most popular EV in the country during February, selling 6,442 vehicles. This was a massive jump compared to January, when Tesla sold only 3,708 Model Ys. Reflecting this success, the EV market grew by just over 14% in the same timeframe.

The Model Y was unable to regain its crown as the most popular vehicle overall in Germany; that honor returned to the ever-popular Volkswagen Golf, which sold 7,655 units.

Model-specific data follows the KBA’s market report yesterday that revealed that the country had seen a considerable drop in diesel and PHEV sales, which likely helped push the EV marketshare to record highs during February.

As part of that market push, Tesla’s marketshare bloomed as well, increasing to 3.7% of the total market. Tesla sales were up 90% in the first two months of the year compared to the first two months of 2022.

With Tesla continuing its massive production ramp, many anticipate that the American automaker will continue to see sales dramatically increase, especially as it continues to cut prices on its most popular models. However, more and more competition is entering the market by the year, and Tesla will quickly need to transition to defending its marketshare from the growing number of new offerings.

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Tesla Model Y sales surge in Germany as it remains the country’s favorite EV
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