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Tesla Giga Berlin expansion: German minister meets with Tesla brass at Giga Texas

Credit: Jörg Steinbach

Tesla hosted German minister Jörg Steinbach at Gigafactory Texas last evening to discuss a potential expansion of the factory, which has supported European electric vehicle sales from the company.

Steinbach met with Tesla’s Head of Policy and Business Development, Rohan Patel, at the Texas factory last evening, but he did not immediately respond to Teslarati’s request for additional information.

However, Steinbach said in a Tweet, “It was important to give Tesla the reassurance of the ongoing support of the Brandenburg government for the potential expansion” of the company’s Gigafactory Berlin facility in Grüheide.

Patel said he appreciated the visit and said the company will look for ways to improve with the local government in Brandenburg. “It’s also important to express our sincere appreciation to the Brandenburg State Chancellery,” Patel added.

Tesla Giga Berlin Expansion

In October, Tesla started preparing for a significant expansion of the Berlin Gigafactory and reportedly planned to develop at least an additional 170 acres of land to be cleared.

Government officials started preparing a development plan for a possible expansion of the European factory in early December, and Tesla planned to submit documents that would solidify the company’s plans, but the vote was initially delayed. There is no timetable for when the vote could occur.

However, the expansion would bring Tesla a potential annual production rate of between 500,000 and 1 million vehicles at the plant. The automaker had already planned to begin construction as it developed the land in late October by removing some trees from the area it plans to build on.

Tesla has heavily relied on exports from Gigafactory Shanghai in China to support European demand, and while Giga Berlin has continued to ramp production, it needs to expand the German factory to support its needs in the market.

It was reported recently that Tesla has already managed to reach a weekly production rate of 4,000 Model Ys, well ahead of schedule.

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Tesla Giga Berlin expansion: German minister meets with Tesla brass at Giga Texas
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