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Tesla opens Model Y orders in Taiwan, vehicles expected to be imported from Giga Berlin

Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter

Reports have emerged from the Tesla community that Model Y orders have been opened in Taiwan. Interestingly enough, the all-electric crossovers will reportedly be imported from Gigafactory Berlin. 

Posts about Model Y orders in Taiwan were shared on Twitter by Tesla Owners Taiwan founder Michael Hsu, a veteran electric vehicle owner who’s been looking to complete Tesla’s S3XY lineup in his garage. The longtime Tesla driver was reportedly informed that Model Y units imported into Taiwan would be made in Germany, and they would be equipped with CCS2 charging plugs. 

First deliveries of the all-electric crossover are expected to start around the fourth quarter of 2022. Two variants of the Model Y are offered in the country: the Model Y Long Range, which costs NTD 2,299,900 (around $72,200), and the Model Y Performance, which costs NTD 2,599,900 (around $81,700). 

While it may seem quite strange that Taiwan will be receiving its Model Y from Giga Berlin instead of the much closer Gigafactory Shanghai, the geopolitics between Taiwan and China have resulted in carmakers like Tesla opting for workarounds. Due to restrictions on the export and import of cars between China and Taiwan, for example, the country has received its Model 3 sedans from the Fremont Factory instead. 

As noted by longtime industry watcher Troy Teslike, the Model Y imports from Germany could be the start of a greater change in Tesla’s export strategy for countries like South Korea, which impose import tariffs on vehicles from China. It would then be no surprise if countries like South Korea also end up receiving Teslas from Gigafactory Berlin instead of the Fremont Factory in the United States in the future. 

With Giga Berlin taking care of the Fremont Factory’s exports, the California-based electric car plant could have some breathing room. This bodes well for Tesla, especially considering that the Fremont Factory is already, as previously mentioned by Elon Musk, jammed to the gills. Tesla has also expressed its intentions to upgrade the Fremont Factory, so having Giga Berlin take care of exports should help the EV maker focus on its California plant’s optimizations a bit more. 

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Tesla opens Model Y orders in Taiwan, vehicles expected to be imported from Giga Berlin
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