Tesla NACS mandate in TX deferred amid pushback

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Texas deferred the vote to grant federal funds to build electric vehicle (EV) chargers amid pushback against the mandate to include Tesla’s North America Charging Standard (NACS) at EV stations. 

Three sources familiar with the matter informed Reuters that the Lone Star State deferred the vote, regarding the buildout of EV chargers in Texas, to August 16. A spokesperson from the Texas Department of Transportation confirmed that the vote was removed from the agency’s July agenda. 

The state of Texas announced plans to require provisions for Tesla NACS chargers at electric vehicle chargers. Tesla NACS would be offered alongside CCS ports at charging stalls if the mandate pushes through.

Some EV charger makers and operators in Texas have opposed the state’s Tesla NACS mandate. They claim time is needed to properly standardize, test, and certify Tesla NACS before requiring them at every charging stall. 

The Texas Department of Transportation noted that Ford, General Motors, and Rivian’s support of Tesla NACS has changed the requirements for Phase 1 of the state’s program to electrify highways with federal funds.

Following Texas’ announcement, Washington State laid out similar plans. Texas’s vote on the matter could influence other US States with similar goals.

“We do think the reason why this decision is being punted is there is a reaction within the industry that this is a big announcement, and let’s just do this responsibly,” said an executive from an EV charging company. “Texas is a bit of a bulwark. What they do sets a precedent for other state transport departments. The clout that they can throw around is pretty powerful.” 

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Tesla NACS mandate in TX deferred amid pushback
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