Tesla reigns as #2 EV maker in Norway as EVs overtake gas cars in market share

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Tesla was the second-most popular EV brand in Norway in 2020 as electric cars overtook gas-cars in market share, surging to 54% of sales in the country.

Norway has been a major focus of electric vehicle manufacturing due to the country’s overwhelming support of transitioning to sustainable passenger cars. Volkswagen AG and Tesla took the first and second-place spots, respectively, as the Volkswagen-owned Audi’s e-Tron and Model 3 vehicles led a highly-competitive field of electric cars.

According to data from the Norweigan Road Federation, Audi was the market leader in 2020 and sold 9,227 e-Tron EVs in Norway in 2020. Tesla was in second with the highly-popular Model 3 with 7,770 units sold. Volkswagen took third with the ID.3 at 7,754 sold.

Tesla did lose the first-place crown that it claimed in Norway in 2019. The Model 3 dominated the Norweigan market with 15,683 units sold, making up for one-fifth of the total market share. Volkswagen’s e-Golf, the electric variant of its highly-popular hatchback, was second with 9,195 units sold, or 12% of the total market share. These statistics were reported by the EV Sales Blog in January 2020.

The big picture is this: Norwegians are more likely to buy electric cars than gas ones, and it is the first country to accomplish this feat. Although EVs have only been a mainstream form of transportation for a few years, likely beginning in 2017 with the mass-market Model 3 beginning production, gas cars have always dominated sales figures due to affordability and availability.

But now, the tide is shifting. As more countries and regions begin to adopt eco-friendly laws, electric vehicles are becoming a more popular way to drive. Even those who love the performance of classic cars like the Mustang can’t deny the instant torque and pure power of some performance EVs.

Electric cars even dominated December sales figures at a much higher rate than the rest of the year. CNN Business reported that December EV sales figures in Norway accounted for two-thirds of all cars sold in the country during the year’s final month.

The tide has been turning for several years, and Norway’s transition to EVs has been in the works since 2015. Petrol and diesel-powered vehicles had a combined market share of 71% in 2015. Now, they sit at just 17%.

Norway has combated EV price parity with incentives that allow electric cars to be cheaper than comparable petrol models, the Norweigan Electric Vehicle Association says. Additionally, 10,000 publicly available charging points give EV owners plenty of opportunities to provide their electric cars with some needed range.

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Tesla reigns as #2 EV maker in Norway as EVs overtake gas cars in market share
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