Tesla’s China Model Y has 29.4% gross margin: report

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Tesla’s new Giga Shanghai-produced Model Y has a 29.4% gross margin, according to Guosen Securities, who analyzed the cost of building the car compared to its selling price.

According to the Shenzhen, China-based financial firm, Tesla’s China Model Y only costs ¥237,930 (USD 36,852) to produce. However, its selling point gives Tesla a 29.4% gross margin with a price of ¥339,900 (USD 52,646.25). Due to the current demand for the all-electric crossover that just started being produced at Giga Shanghai, Tesla has plenty of room to come down. The company will likely do this after the demand is sustained for several months because the automaker did the same thing with the Model 3 after its initial gross margin was also turning Tesla a tasty profit.

Tesla’s gross margins for the Model Y are around three-times the industry average, which hover between 8-10% for luxury cars. This means Tesla is making around three times the amount of money per unit compared to any other carmaker. While demand continues to remain healthy for Tesla’s cars based on 2020 sales figures, the company is churning plenty of profitability from its Giga Shanghai-produced cars.

In June 2020, it was reported that the Model 3 SR+ that was delivered by Tesla in Q1 had a gross margin of 39.37%. This means that with its ¥271,550 price tag (USD 42,059.69), the vehicle actually cost ¥188,700 to produce (USD 26,653), Sina indicated.

The price of the Model 3 has decreased since the June 2020 report. Tesla’s base Model 3 in China now has a price of ¥249,900 (USD 38,706.38). This would be around a 24.5% gross margin if the cost to produce hasn’t changed. However, it likely has, and even if it hadn’t Tesla is still turning a profit that is more than 2.5 times the industry average.

In late December, Tesla China VP Grace Tao indicated that the company’s localization supply goal had been “basically” achieved. This effectively closed the door on the Model 3’s prices being reduced, which had occurred five times in the vehicle’s first year of availability in China. Once was due to the company’s desire to reach government incentives’ qualification, as the SR+ variant was reduced to under ¥300,000.

Reports from China indicate that demand for the new Model Y is healthy, and showrooms in the country with the largest automotive market were filled with prospective buyers just after launch.

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China has been one of Tesla’s main contributors to its 500,000 vehicle goal, which the company announced it accomplished last weekend. While exact figures are unknown, the Tesla Model 3 has dominated Chinese EV sales figures for all of 2020. Data from the EV Sales Blog indicates that the Model 3 has sold 116,119 units in China in 2020 and has been battling with the GM-backed Wuling HongGuang Mini EV, which is the only close competitor to Tesla’s affordable sedan so far.

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Tesla’s China Model Y has 29.4% gross margin: report
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