Tesla continues to establish pole position in Norway

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Tesla is continuing to solidify itself in the pole position in Norway. New figures from the Norweigian Information Council for Road Traffic (OFV) show the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 were the country’s two best-selling vehicles in November, making way for Tesla to become the best-selling car brand in the highly competitive market for electric cars.

The Model Y was the best-selling car in Norway in November, selling 1,013 units during the month, according to OFV information. The Model 3 was second with 771 units solid, and the Volkswagen ID.4 came in third with 725 units sold.

The Tesla Model Y all-electric crossover was Norway’s best-selling vehicle in November. (Credit: Tesla)

Norway is arguably the most challenging market in the world for electric automakers. The concentration of passenger vehicles has overwhelmingly turned toward electric powertrains, with zero-emissions cars making up 64.2% of the market share in 2021 and 73.8% of sales in November alone. So far, petrol engines only make up 4.4% of total vehicle sales in Norway in 2021, while diesel engines account for 4.1%. It is no secret Norwegians are likely the most committed to the transition to electric vehicles.

In September, Tesla saw similar domination of the Norwegian automotive market. The Model Y and Model 3 took first and second place during that month, respectively. Sales were slightly higher, with the Model Y accumulating 3,564 sales in September; the Model 3 was sold 2,218 times that month.

These numbers are likely to increase considerably over the next several months, with sales figures being consistently higher in the coming years. Tesla is set to launch a new manufacturing plant in Germany later this month, with approval being labeled as “imminent,” according to a recent report. Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin facility will produce the Model Y for the European market, where electric powertrains, especially in crossover body styles, have been increasingly popular over the past few years.

Tesla is not going to be the only car company to benefit from the widespread adoption of EVs in Europe. Volkswagen, which was the second best-selling brand in Norway in November behind Tesla, will also begin to see the benefits of its timely transition to EVs. Volkswagen is arguably the most committed mass-market automotive entity in terms of electrification, neck-and-neck with American company Ford. Tesla still holds a considerable lead in the sector, but the battle for second place is certainly heating up.

In total, 11,274 new zero-emissions vehicles were registered in November in Norway. Zero-emissions vehicles make up 64.2% of the 2021 market share, with 73.8% of November sales being of environmentally-friendly cars, OFV statistics say.

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Tesla continues to establish pole position in Norway
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