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Tesla opens a milestone Supercharger in Norway open to all EV makers

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Tesla opened its 100th Supercharging station in Norway earlier this week, bringing the country’s pile total to over 1,500 individual Supercharging stalls. The new station is a part of the company’s Pilot Program to charge non-Tesla EVs, as Norway is heavily concentrated with EV brands and models.

The new station is located at Ullevaal Stadium, home of the Norweigian National Football Team in Oslo.

Norway has a relatively small population of just 5.425 million people, making it the 118th most-populated country globally. Its land area lists it as the 61st largest country on Earth, yet Norway is amongst the most supportive countries in terms of the transition to sustainable energy, with EV sales figures skyrocketing well above countries with larger land areas and population counts.

In September, Norway’s EV market share had risen to 25 percent, meaning one-in-four vehicles registered was electric. However, the country’s enthusiasm for EVs is far from newfound; various EVs and manufacturers have contributed to the country’s increased use of sustainable powertrains.

Amongst the many automakers registered to sell electric vehicles in the country, Tesla has performed the best in Norway. With 18,425 sales through 2022 thus far, Tesla controls 15.5 percent of EV sales for the year, with Volkswagen sitting in second with 14,965 sales and 12.5 percent of sales. BMW (8.3%), Audi (7.1%), and Hyundai (6.3%), EU-EVs data shows.

As Tesla’s Model Y is the best seller in the Norweigian market with 15,289 sales so far this year, the automaker continues to expand its presence of Superchargers in the country. However, Tesla’s non-Tesla EV Supercharging Pilot Program has allowed owners of other electric vehicle brands to take advantage of the company’s chargers. Tesla launched the Pilot Program in Norway in January 2022.

With 100 Supercharger Stations in Norway, Tesla has contributed to the overwhelming need for more EV charging points in the region. This year alone, nearly 120,000 EVs have been sold in Norway, and as the story of battery-powered cars is not in its early phases, the more stations available to drivers is nothing but an advantage they will likely welcome.

Tesla’s Pilot Program has extended across fifteen European countries, allowing non-Tesla EVs to charge at rates determined by the company. “Pricing for non-Tesla drivers reflects additional costs incurred to support charging a broad range of vehicles and adjustments to our sites to accommodate these vehicles,” Tesla said regarding pricing for non-Tesla vehicles. Rates vary by site and can be lowered with a charging membership, the company said.

Tesla’s expansion of the Supercharging Pilot program has helped relieve EV charger congestion in Europe and is being assessed for possible use in the United States market.

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Tesla opens a milestone Supercharger in Norway open to all EV makers
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