Tesla rolls out clever test project for crowded Superchargers in Norway

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As all-electric cars become more prevalent, the hunt for charging spaces has become quite challenging, especially among those who are traveling during peak days. This issue becomes quite notable in areas like Norway and Sweden, especially since the winter’s freezing temperatures reduce range, thereby requiring drivers on long trips to take more charging stops. 

Tesla owners in Sweden and Norway are more fortunate than other EV owners due to the Supercharger Network, which provides a stable, rapid charging solution for long trips. Sandvold Roland, the senior communications manager for the electric car maker in Norway, noted that the Supercharger Network has been holding its own for the most part. Even during peak times such as Summer 2020, for example, 98.3% of Tesla owners in Norway were able to gain access to a Supercharger within 10 minutes of arrival at a charging station.

These numbers could still be improved. Thus, Tesla has launched a test run of sorts by reducing its Supercharger prices by 50% on certain days in Norway and Sweden. This is aimed at encouraging owners to travel outside peak days. “The test is part of a larger project that examines how price can be used to encourage our customers to use the Supercharger capacity better. Norway and Sweden are the first markets in Europe where such tests are carried out,” Roland said in a statement to

With this program in mind, all Superchargers in Norway will have a 50% price reduction on the next three Sundays: February 20, February 27, and March 6, 2021. Current Supercharging rates in Norway stand at NOK 2.57 per kW, which means that this rate would be reduced to approximately NOK 1.29 per kW with the discounts in place. Tesla owners who travel on these days should see the reduced Supercharger rates on their vehicles’ infotainment system. 

Tesla already has a pretty robust network of Superchargers, and with the advent of V3 stations, which have an output of 250 kW, charging stops are relatively convenient. As Tesla’s fleet grows with more affordable vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y and the upcoming compact car for Europe and China, however, the need for more Superchargers becomes notable. Fortunately, Tesla has plans to expand its Supercharger Network this year. In Norway alone, the EV maker reportedly plans to open more than 30 new Supercharger stations this year, a significant increase from the 72 stations currently available today. 

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Tesla rolls out clever test project for crowded Superchargers in Norway
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