Tesla official Twitter account breaks 20 million followers, far ahead of competitors

Image used with permission for Teslarati. (Credit: Tom Cross)

Although Tesla does not engage in traditional advertisements, the electric vehicle maker boasts a highly capable marketing department. The company also maintains a strong social media presence, evidenced by its official follower count on platforms such as Twitter.

A glance at Tesla’s official Twitter account reveals that the EV maker currently has 20,028,109 followers at the time of writing. While this number is significantly lower than Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s follower count of 137,764,807, Tesla’s following is still quite impressive.

As noted by members of the EV community, Tesla’s official follower count on Twitter far surpasses that of other automakers. Toyota USA, for example, has only 932,373 followers, Ford has a mere 1,473,905, and General Motors trails with 801,047 followers. This is despite these automakers having a longer tenure in the auto industry than Tesla.

While follower counts may seem trivial to some, it is important to recognize that Tesla’s social media presence is closely tied to the company’s marketing efforts. The more followers Tesla attracts on platforms such as Twitter, the more people the company can reach. Such reach is invaluable for an automaker that does not engage in traditional advertising.

Tesla’s robust social media presence was emphasized in the company’s 2022 Impact Report, which provided a comprehensive overview of its operations and milestones over the past year. Among the achievements highlighted by Tesla in the document were its metrics on Twitter.

As stated by Tesla in its 2022 Impact Report, social media enables the company to connect with and educate global audiences in real-time and “without the filter of traditional media or influencers.” This was evident in Tesla’s official Twitter metrics from last year, which showed a 53% growth in followers over the years and approximately 1 billion views on its posts.

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Tesla official Twitter account breaks 20 million followers, far ahead of competitors
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