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Tesla to open Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs in Australia

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Tesla plans to open its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles in Australia.

Tesla has the largest infrastructure for charging its electric vehicles on Earth. Still, the most significant criticism of the Supercharging network is that it is not yet open to owners of all EVs, so you must be a Tesla owner to use it. Tesla reserves its charging infrastructure for its vehicles, which helped the company gain most of the world’s EV market share in the push for electrification. Tesla has over 35,000 Superchargers globally.

However, as more manufacturers build more electric vehicles, the company realizes there are more EVs, but not necessarily more chargers. Tesla’s robust charging network would alleviate EV charger availability issues if the company were to make its Superchargers compatible with all vehicles. The company has tested this theory in Europe for over a year with a Pilot Program that has now expanded to fourteen countries, with the most recent addition being Iceland.

In Australia, Tesla is prepared to make its Supercharging network available to more electric vehicles as long as the project was funded by government grants, according to the Ludicrous Feed YouTube channel (via The Driven).

Representatives from Australia’s province of New South Wales, located on the country’s Southeast side, confirmed that all Tesla Supercharger sites funded under the government’s ultra-fast charging grants would be available to all EVs.

In late October, New South Wales government reps announced $39.4 million in grants to EV charging companies, including Tesla, BP, and others. The program was created in an attempt to expand the country’s availability of public EV chargers. To qualify, each site needed a minimum of two ultra-fast EV charging bays capable of speeds of up to 350kW. It also needs two fast-charging bays with 175kW capabilities.

The program will provide 500 new fast and ultra-fast charging points across 86 sites.

Tesla is still expected to launch a similar program in the United States. Earlier this year, when the White House stated Tesla was in the process of developing new Supercharger equipment that would enable charging for non-Tesla EVs, it indicated the company was planning to open its massive network to a growing fleet of EVs. Tesla has developed a new Supercharger design, which is referred to as the V4, but early designs did not show a secondary charging connection for other vehicles.

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Tesla to open Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs in Australia
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