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Tesla solar-powered “V4” Supercharger station coming to Arizona

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s first solar-powered V4 Supercharger station might be coming to Yuma County, Arizona. It would be one of the first known V4 Supercharger stations in North America. 

According to Tesla Supercharger connoisseur @MarcoRPTesla, the V4 Supercharger station in Arizona is located by the Dateland Travel Center along Interstate 8. It will have 40 stalls. Two stalls are ADA accessible, and one caters to vehicles with trailers. The addition of a stall that’s specifically designed for trailers would likely be appreciated, as it would cause less headaches to drivers charging at the same location.

Tesla is also building two solar arrays spanning 4500 sq. ft (418 sqm) on the premises. The solar canopies will cover at least 40 Supercharger stalls. Tesla plans to have a Megapack on site, too.

The V4 charger stalls will be set to 250 kW as the Supercharger Station and is seemingly optimized to cater to non-Tesla vehicles. Supercharger V4 concept plans retrieved by the electric vehicle advocate hinted that the new chargers will be more centered on a parking space than regular Superchargers. They seem to still be equipped with Tesla’s proprietary plugs.

While other charging networks such as Electrify America offer outputs of up to 350 kW, such charging speeds are only available in select locations and cater to relatively few electric car models like the Porsche Taycan. If Tesla’s new Superchargers can provide stable and fast charging even for non-Teslas, it would likely go a long way towards proving that electric vehicles are indeed viable alternatives for internal combustion cars.

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Tesla solar-powered “V4” Supercharger station coming to Arizona
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